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Harbor Media (HCAM) is the Hingham community’s media hub; connecting and informing those who live, work, and study in Hingham through the provision of media services, dynamic programming content, and media/production training.


In April of 2008, The Hingham’s Cable Advisory Committee negotiated a cable franchise license between The Town of Hingham and Verizon. This license allowed Verizon to bring their new FiOS service to the town. This license also provided the Town of Hingham funding to provide Public, Educational, & Government (PEG) access services for the Town of Hingham in place of the regional studio that Comcast has previously operated in Norwell. The Norwell studio served the towns of Cohasset, Hanover, Hingham, Norwell, and Scituate. A year following Verizon’s new license, a renewal of Comcast’s previously standing license was also negotiated.

In May of 2011 The Hingham Board of Selectmen established Hingham Community Access & Media as an independent nonprofit corporation to manage public access in the Town of Hingham. In 2012, that initial public access was expanded to government coverage and then further expanded in 2013 to educational content. That long, unwieldy name was a bit of a mouthful, so the community began to refer to Hingham Community Access & Media simply as “HCAM”.  

Many local residents and longtime fans of Harbor Media still refer to the station as HCAM, even after the name officially changed in 2017. Although Harbor Media’s facilities, staff, and production quality have changed significantly for the better, the nickname is a nice reminder of our humble beginnings and our ongoing commitment to addressing community interest and need.



Comcast = Ch 97, Verizon = Ch 31


Harbor Media’s public channel shows community events and interest programming as well as programming by Hingham citizens and institutions.


Comcast = Ch 22, Verizon = Ch 29


On Harbor Media’s educational channel you can tune in and see content that is educational in nature often filmed within the Hingham Public School system.


Comcast = Ch 9, Verizon = Ch 30


On Harbor Media’s government channel you can expect to see municipal meeting coverage and other supporting programming.